Clarence Peters
Clarence Peters



larence Peters is a multiple award winning filmmaker and cinematographer with a solid 2 decades of experience making a variety of films for a variety of industries. He is the son of Afro-juju legend Shina Peters and renowned Nigerian actress Clarion Chukwurah.  He creates commercials, commercial productions, music videos, and short films and has directed over a 1000 to his credit. He possesses up to date knowledge of the latest camera, video, and audio equipment and editing software. He enjoys working with a variety of actors, musical artists and crew members at many different experience levels and bringing out the best in them.

Clarence Peters has won multiple awards nationally and internationally and is known for his high-end TV commercials, music videos and his film HEX. He is the C.E.O of CAPital Dreams Pictures, a motion picture production company and C.E.O and cofounder of CAPital Hill Music.

Clarence Peters Cinematographer
Clarence Peters on set
Clarence Peters

“Think how much bliss, the videos of Clarence Peters ... have brought to audiences home and abroad,”

- Yemi Osinbajo (Vice President of Nigeria)

In Nigeria, The word ‘Film Maker’ has become synonymous with Clarence Peters. No one is more associated with the term than he is. From the Vice President to everyday folk, he has become a household name. This absolutely makes sense when you consider what Clarence has done in and for the Nigerian Film Space. To say he begun an era would be putting it lightly. To say he started a revolution would be an understatement . Clarence disrupted the film ecosystem not just in Nigeria but across sub- saharan Africa.

Returning from School in CapeTown, Clarence founded CAPital Dreams Pictures . His work immediately caught the eye of the industry as-well as the public who all recognized a game changing step up and redefinition of what film made in Nigeria means and what a director was. From lights to set design, from Cameras to Postproduction, Clarence opened up the eyes of Nigeria to what can be when you match skill with a desire for excellence. He has won multiple awards and made critically acclaimed work as a director in every form of film he has been involved in while inspiring a generation of Nigerian youth to pursue their dreams.